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Writing a Project Proposal

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A Good Proposal Describes...

  • what you hope to accomplish
  • why those objectives are important to your academic or artistic field
  • how you intend to achieve your objectives

Your original project proposal is the core of your grant application. 

Detailed Proposal Requirements

  • VPUE Project Proposal Writing GuideRead this document carefully and follow the guidelines based on the project you envision to pursue. 
    • In this guide, you will find:
      • General guidelines for all grant proposals
      • Additional specific guidelines for Research, Arts/Design, and Senior Synthesis project proposals -- please follow carefully!
      • Ways to turn your good proposal into a great one
  • Sample Project Proposals: Check out exemplars of past student project proposals.


Connect with Faculty Mentors and UADs

Watch a 3-minute overview of the VPUE Student Grant application process.

Watch a 2-minute video on how to write the critical dialogue section of a creative arts project proposal.