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Thank You Note to Donor

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All awardees must write a thank you letter to the donor who is making your grant possible. Thank you letters play an important role in ensuring the future of the grants program. You must upload your signed thank you note before receiving your award.

When writing your letter, use the following guidelines:

  • Your letter should be addressed to "Dear Supporter of Undergraduate Research."
  • Your letter should be neat and legible. It can be typed or handwritten but should always include an ink signature.
  • Your letter can take many different formats and can be organized however you prefer. In the past, students have submitted everything from formal, typed business letters to handwritten postcards.
  • Above all, your letter should be sincere and personal.
  • Your letter should say "Thank you."
  • Your letter should include a brief autobiography. 
  • Your letter should describe your project's goals and motivations in language that a curious, well-educated, nontechnical audience can understand.
  • Your letter should describe how you hope this project will contribute to your Stanford experience, and how it will help shape your plans for the future.
  • Your letter should include your thoughts on the importance of Stanford undergraduate having the opportunity to conduct research. 
  • Your letter should be signed.