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Receiving and tracking your funds

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Set up direct deposit

Undergraduate Research distributes awarded stipends through the Financial Aid Office. You will need to sign up for direct deposit in AXESS if you have not already done so. Direct deposit is the default way for stipend checks to be disbursed. Otherwise, your check will be processed and mailed through the Student Services Center (SSC). Checks are mailed to the address you have entered into AXESS; it is your responsibility to make sure that this address is current if you opt out of direct deposit.

If there is a hold or balance on your University account, you will need to correspond with SFS to resolve the issue.

Track your expenses

Undergraduate Research requires you to spend your grant funds in accordance with your approved budget. We ask that you track your expenses and save receipts for all project-related expenses. In some circumstances, Undergraduate Research may ask for your receipts and/or expense records at the conclusion of your project.

As your project progresses, you may find it necessary to change your plans. Please email of these changes to avoid subsequent confusion.


Undergraduate Research is not in a position to answer questions about how/if student grants might affect taxes. Please consult with the Student Services Center (SSC) and the IRS about scholarships and grants which are received.