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Conference Grant

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Photo of Angela Yang (21-22 Conference Grant recipient)
Angela Yang (21-22 Conference Grant recipient)

Conference Grants support students who have been accepted to *present* their own projects at professional or scholarly convenings (e.g., academic conference, film festival, dance convention, etc).


Next Application Deadline: 1st of every month (October 2024 to May 2025), 11:59pm PST 
Faculty Mentor Letter Deadline: 7th of every month (October 2024 to May 2025), 11:59pm PST
Stipend: Up to $1,500

  • Application deadlines are monthly (October - May).  You should plan to apply for funding at least one month in advance of scheduled conference date
  • Decisions are typically made within 4 weeks, and funding is disbursed approximately 3-4 weeks after award notifications

Where to Start

Proposal Guidelines

Conference Grant Policies & Eligibility

**In addition to the below criteria specific to the Conference Grant, all undergraduate students must meet our general eligibility requirements.** 

  • Conference Grants support students who have been accepted to *present* at professional/scholarly convenings that have (1) competitive peer-reviewed selection processes and (2) attract a multi-generational body of presenters (not undergraduate-only conferences)
  • Students are eligible to receive only one Conference Grant per academic year
  • Graduating seniors can apply for conference grant funding to present at a conference that takes place within one quarter (including summer) of degree conferral.
  • Co-terms who have not conferred their undergraduate degree may apply if the project fits into their undergraduate academic trajectory, e.g., honors thesis, capstone project, etc. Students paying graduate tuition are ineligible.

Fundamental Standard

  • Please note violations of Undergraduate Research policies are also violations of the Fundamental Standard and may be referred to the Office of Community Standards
  • Students who fail to abide by the policies as set forth by Undergraduate Research, The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, and Stanford University will have low priority for future Undergraduate Research funding opportunities
  • Undergraduate Research reserves the right to rescind funding at any given point and time should they be apprised of any policy violations as outlined above or as listed on the Eligibility Requirements webpage

Did you meet all the eligibility requirements? If so:

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