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What Type of Student Grant is Best for your Needs?

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Get started by learning more about how we distinguish between research, arts, and senior synthesis projects, and how you can develop your own project ideas. Then, to decide which kind of Student Grant is the best match for your project, consider the funding needs and time commitment of your project.

How do I know that a Student Grant is best for me?

If you are in the early stages of your research journey, we encourage you to begin building your research skills by contributing to existing projects led by departments and programs at Stanford. Many Stanford departments and programs provide financial support for undergraduate students to work with Stanford professors on faculty-designed research projects. Check out the list of department and program opportunities and apply by contacting the department or program directly. Continue reading and consider applying for a Student Grant when you need funding to support a self-initiated, original scholarly project.

When should I begin preparing my Student Grant application?

Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, you should begin preparing your grant proposal at least 2 quarters before you apply for funding and plan to apply at least one quarter in advance of your project’s start date. Consult the Checklist for Grant Applications for more information.

Will your project represent a part-time commitment?

Apply for a Small Grant

Will the Student Grant support a full-time summer project?

Apply for a Major Grant or a Chappell Lougee Scholarship. Be sure to read more on these grant types prior to applying.  

Will the Student Grant support a conference presentation about a project you've already finished?

Apply for a Conference Grant.

How do I get started?

Students interested in applying for a Student Grant should connect with their Faculty Mentor regarding their proposed project - Faculty Mentors should meet required eligibility criteria. In addition, students should schedule a meeting with their Undergraduate Advising Director (UAD) as they write their proposal as UADs are well-versed with all VPUE Undergrad Research grants.