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Get Funded

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After you have focused your interests into a feasible project topic and started working with the right faculty mentor, you might identify some key resources that will enable your project to get off the ground.

Not every project requires funding, but nearly every kind of research, arts, and senior synthesis project can take advantage of one or more of the following funding opportunities. Grants are used for travel, supplies, and stipends depending on the project's needs.

Grant Types and Information

Explore Student Grants

Grants offered directly to students who have designed an independent arts, research, or senior synthesis project in collaboration with their faculty mentors

Explore Departmental Funding

Funding offered by departments, interdisciplinary programs, and research centers to support introductory project experiences

Learn About Faculty Funding

Funding offered by individual faculty who have designed projects that introduce students to the methods of scholarship in a particular discipline

Other Funding

Grants and opportunities managed by other offices around campus

Need help with your independent project?

All students should schedule a meeting with their Undergraduate Advising Director (UAD) as they write their proposal. UADs are well-versed with all VPUE Undergraduate Research grants.

For further assistance, email: