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Prepare for your off-campus project

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Whether you are traveling up the road to San Francisco or across the globe to Shanghai, off campus projects require extra preparation and careful planning. Work closely with your faculty mentor  to make a plan for your travel preparation and the project execution at the field site. The key to off campus project success is giving yourself enough time to plan, triple-checking every detail, and being flexible in the face of the unexpected!

Get ready by having the following in place

  • Complete fieldwork classes, methods classes, and language classes. 
  • Make a well-thought-out project plan, travel and safety plans, and schedule check-ins with your faculty mentor throughout the time you are working on the project.
  • Confirmed support and contacts from field sites and community partners.
  • Travel clinic consultations, which may include vaccinations and medications.
  • International medical coverage for emergency care, insurance for medical evacuations and repatriation of remains.
  • Valid passport/visa, up-to-date embassy registration and Stanford OIA registration.

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