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English '24

Alice Fang

Thanks for the Biscuits: A Graphic Novel

Mentored by: Scott Bukatman (Art and Art History) & Scot Hutchins (Creative Writing)
21-22 Chappell Lougee Scholarship recipient 

Thanks for the Biscuits is a surrealist graphic novel centering on the struggles of a college undergrad to find a balance between her academic research, creative endeavor, and overflowing imagination.

The main question this graphic novel aims to explore is: how should boundaries—between reality and fiction; logical reasoning and imaginative creation; subject of enthusiasm and area of professional expertise—be treated? Through the journey of a protagonist who is in the early stages of pinpointing and being true to her passion, Alice wishes to articulate her own understanding of the question: that different modes of understanding the world don’t have to be kept apart—they can influence and inspire each other.