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Bioengineering '23

Antonio Rios


Antonio is a first-generation, low-income (FLI) undergraduate and majored in Bioengineering at Stanford University. He performed research in the Engreitz Laboratory in the Department of Genetics. Antonio's research aimed to create a regulatory map of the human genome by understanding the complex rules that govern gene regulation. He was particularly interested in linking non-coding risk variants to their underlying functions and disease mechanisms at single-cell resolution. Prior to joining the Engreitz Lab, he worked to enhance CRISPR-Cas12a multi-gene regulation in the Qi Lab with Dr. Jens Magnusson. He is extremely passionate about helping to elevate other underrepresented scientists, including FLI, ethnic, and queer minorities. Outside the lab, Antonio loves to write and consume fiction, play the trombone, and visit beaches.