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Cyrus Hajian


Cyrus Hajian is a non-traditional FLI student with a love for research and helping others, especially those from underserved and marginalized communities. Cyrus is extremely interested in biomedical research, specifically work revolving around immunology, virology, and organismal biology (among others); they aspire to one day become a physician-scientist. Cyrus studies biology because they enjoy being able to understand the biological world past the surface-level, aiming to utilize that knowledge with the goal of helping others. Previously, Cyrus has worked as an undergraduate researcher at the Greene lab, a virology & immunology lab at the Gladstone Institute at UCSF, and the Kennedy lab, a diabetes lab at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. Aside from research and academic goals, Cyrus acts as an advisor and mentor for high school, community college, and underrepresented students in general, aiding their success in any way they can (via the Puente Project, MESA, the Avanzando Initiative, among others).