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Symbolic Systems '23

Ecy King

Bit by Bit: A Comic Exploring the CS106A/B Curriculum through Storytelling, Visual Thinking, Fractal Gridding, and Concept Personification

Mentored by: Christina Wodtke (Human-Computer Interaction), Ge Wang (Music)
21-22 Major Grant recipient 

Bit by Bit is a physical/digital comic book and visual guide that aims to provide an unconventional source of educational entertainment for Stanford students and teachers, based on the curriculum from Stanford's introductory computer science classes CS106A and CS106B. It uses storytelling, visual thinking, Fractal Gridding, and concept personification to present the concepts covered in the courses. The project is a synthesis of concepts covered in Stanford's Symbolic Systems degree and extracurriculars, and aims to be of interest to educators, students, and creatives at the university and beyond. The project is 160 pages, many presented through the Fractal Gridding medium, and incorporates feedback from students, teachers, and TAs as well as consultations with CS lecturers and mentors in visual thinking and design. The goal is to introduce the book to the Stanford CS department, section-leading community, and beyond.

Watch a video about Ecy's project on our Instagram!