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Psychology '23

Manuel Faria

Mind and Mortality: The Relationship between The Psychome and Longevity

Mentored by: Michael Snyder (Genetics) 
22-23 Conference Grant recipient

Aging is complex and multi-layered process that is impacted by many factors – including psychological health. Albeit often overlooked, psychosocial factors are amongst the most robust predictors of survival and quality of life. Manuel’s research aims to understand, to a greater extent, the mechanism by which psychological factors impact longevity and thriving across biological domains. The ultimate aim of his research is to elucidate the most adaptive mental states to increase healthspan and life satisfaction in clinical and healthy populations. Working under Drs. Michael Snyder and Ariel Ganz, this research combines emerging developments in precision medicine, big data, and awareness practices, to answer questions pertaining to the psychological modulators of aging – something he refers to as “psychosomatic aging.” These results have the potential to simultaneously improve patient’s quantity and quality of life in both medical and population health settings.

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