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Bioengineering '25

Zuzana Hudáčová


Zuzana is an undergraduate from Slovakia studying Biochemistry/Biophysics and is passionate about questions that intersect neuroscience with biochemistry and chemical biology. As an undergraduate researcher in the Pasca Lab, she is fortunate to be using brain organoids to study chromatin remodeling genes under the mentorship of Alfredo Valencia, PhD, while also learning about and contributing to the other immensely exciting projects in the lab. Zuzana cares about studying neurodevelopment through an interdisciplinary lens, while also developing tools and methods that would help others in their research of brain and brain-associated disorders. If she is not in the lab, she is likely reading, writing or talking about science, running, reading biographies of people she finds interesting, or mentoring young women from Eastern Europe in their pursuit of their ambitions.