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Eligibility Requirements

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Student Eligibility

Stanford students from all undergraduate classes are eligible to apply to present their current or recent work in all disciplines and fields. Groups of students may apply to present a single collaborative project; however, the group should submit one application only. Recent graduates may apply to present research completed during their undergraduate careers. If the total number of applications exceeds the available space for presentation, priority will be granted to undergrads who are currently registered.

All student presenters who apply to present in-person must be present at the event (no posters may be presented in absentia).

Faculty Mentor Eligibility

Students applying to present public service posters must be endorsed by a Haas Center officer. Students applying to present research, arts, or senior synthesis posters must be endorsed by an eligible Stanford faculty member. Students need not have conducted the research at a Stanford facility or under the supervision of a Stanford faculty member. For example, a student who undertook a summer internship project at the National Institutes of Health or Smithsonian Institution is eligible to present research results. However, these students still must be endorsed by an eligible Stanford faculty member

Project Eligibility

Projects from all fields and disciplines are eligible for presentation. All projects must have a clear central research question and a focused area of inquiry or a public service focus that addresses a community need. Research and creative works in-progress are encouraged. These include projects which have not yet attained final results or are still developing. Some examples of these are presentations of initial results, research-project designs, field experiences, methodology discussions and literature reviews.

If you are unsure of the readiness of your work-in-progress for presentation, we urge you to consult with your faculty mentor and an Undergraduate Academic Director.

Presentations of completed projects and final results are, of course, equally encouraged.