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Budget FAQs

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Why is there a need-based supplement for Major Grants and Chappell Lougee?

The stipend system for full-time grants (e.g., Major Grant and the Chappell Lougee) is intended to direct additional resources to the projects and students that need them most. No student participating in an on-campus project will receive less than in previous years, and most students with high financial need will receive more.

How is my need-based supplement determined?

Financial need is assessed by the Financial Aid Office using the information you have already provided to them. VPUE uses this assessment to offer a supplement to students with higher financial need.

How do I apply for the need-based supplement?

In the grant application, students who wish to be considered for the need-based supplement must give VPUE permission to ask FAO for an assessment of their financial need. No actual financial information is revealed to VPUE, and students do not need to contact FAO directly.

Is the need-based supplement applicable to Small Grants?

The need-based supplement does not apply to part-time projects funded through the Small Grant. Part-time stipends are a fixed $1500 grant for a 10-hour/week project in any given quarter, regardless of financial need.

What if I am applying for a grant to fund a project that I am collaborating with another student on?

Students conducting joint projects will receive individual stipends based on the stipend structure above. In other words, students may receive different stipend amounts depending on their project location site and financial aid status. (Remember that both students should submit individual grant applications at the same time, and each grant proposal should specify the role and responsibility of the applicant.)

Can I apply for Conference Grant even though I am not presenting?

Conference Grants only support undergraduate students who have been accepted to present their own project findings.