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Urban Studies '24

Constantinos Gallis

Twelve Views Of Fernsehturm: ‘Klangkunst’ Born From The Sights And Sounds Of Berlin

Mentored by: Paul DeMarinis (Art and Art History)
21-22 Chappell Lougee Scholarship recipient 

'Twelve Views of Fernsehturm' is a sound-art project, consisting of twelve compositions derived from twelve distinct points in Berlin, Germany. The project, which will be released as an album entitled ‘Third Places’ later this year, attempts to map – and, consequentially, compare – the audiovisual environments of different points in the city while simultaneously demonstrating a new way in which artists can produce work that is both informed by the environment, and informative to viewers and listeners. This project reveals the differences in the built environments of twelve distinct points in the city and the interplay between sound and space in each location, adding yet another layer to the immense suppository of knowledge surrounding socioeconomic, political, and architectural differences between different areas of Berlin. For each identified point in the city, Constantinos considered its spatial characteristics and identified a word or short phrase that acted as a ‘spatial descriptor’. Each descriptor then became the guiding theme for each sound piece. In each piece, both the lyrics and the instrumental strive to reflect the descriptor as accurately as possible.